about the author

Star Trek: Aldrin is written by Derek Kessler. Asked to describe himself, Derek would tell you that he’s in the Ohio Army National Guard, he is the Editor-in-Chief of technology blog webOS Nation, verges on being a professional ranter, is something of an armchair political pundit, and – of course – a serious Trekkie. For several years he was also the Chief Forum Administrator and News Manager for TrekUnited, though he is no longer involved with the site in an official capacity.

Derek first started writing the Star Trek: Aldrin series in 2004 as a way to explore the Star Trek universe in the post-TNG-era. While a few Star Trek movies have come out in that time, several Star Trek novels have also been published, taking the universe in a destructive direction that Derek just wasn’t comfortable with. So, in 2012 Derek completed a total rerwrite on the first Star Trek: Aldrin novel – Sic Semper Tyrannis – to share his vision of the ongoing Star Trek universe.

You can follow Derek on Twitter at @dkdsgn, on App.net at @kessler, and send him an email at derek.kessler@gmail.com