Star Trek: Aldrin - 1 - Sic Semper Tyrannis

Star Trek: Aldrin and accompanying works are fan fiction based on and using elements from Star Trek, which is trademarked by Paramount Pictures and CBS. I do not claim ownership of Star Trek or any associated characters or the universe of Star Trek. The stories of the U.S.S. Aldrin are of my own invention and are not part of the official Star Trek canon; these stories are for entertainment purposes only. I am not in any way profiting financially from the creation or publication of these works. I am grateful to Gene Roddenberry, CBS, and Paramount for the wonderful Star Trek universe in which I can play; without it these stories would not exist. If you desire to support my work, please consider making a donation to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to preserve our world’s space exploration heritage and inspire the next generation of explorers.

Please note that Star Trek: Aldrin does not fit into the ‘expanded universe’ of post-TNG-era Star Trek novels published by Pocket Books. I disagree with the direction the Star Trek novel universe has taken under the direction of Pocket Books; Star Trek: Aldrin plots a different and less destructive course.